Colorimetry is "the science and technology used to quantify and describe physically the human color perception."

- Wikipedia



Everybody has a different color acuity or color perception.

A person's perception of color is a subjective process. The brain responds to the stimuli that are produced when incoming light reacts with the several types of cone cells in the eye. As a result, people see color in different ways.

If we all see color differently why are we relying on sight alone to pick the perfect color palette for architectural spaces?

My job is to extract the quantified data that live inside color and use this data in combination with the IACC’s interdisciplinary approach to create an environment with optimal psychophysiological effects.

Numbers are not subjective - though we may all see a different shade of white, numbers are hard to argue with.


I have been sensitive to color my entire life and believe in the psychological influence of color in our daily lives.

Color affects us in profound ways. As an IACC trained professional --- I believe I have a responsibility to create architectural spaces that are not only functional but strive to support the health and well-being of human beings.

“Color has a significance all its own, and in a realm all its own.
Just as music has, color is the music of light.”


- Frank Lloyd Wright


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