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"The Integration of Art and Science" - IACC-NA
Have a Designer Wherever You Go. Hire a Virtual Color Consultant.
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What is Virtual Color Consulting?

A Virtual Color Consultant presents his or her individual expertise over the phone or via the internet rather than on site at the client's location. This protects the client’s privacy while saving them time and money.

Why Hire a Virtual Color Consultant?

As technological breakthroughs change the way we experience interior design - choosing colors for your next project is easier than ever.  Using color measurements, I can digitally develop your next color pallette without physically having to be onsite. This saves my clients time and money.
“I use color measurements – color DNA - to master the practical application of color.”

- Camp Chroma

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Why Choose Us?

Proven professional, adept at prioritizing and completing multiple assignments within strict budgetary/time restrictions and client specifications.

Effective communicator, earning letters of commendation for serving as liaison to clients, co-workers, and contractors, architects, and distributors while meeting all service quality objectives.


Completed residential design projects, including color coordination, purchasing and budgeting. Educate and assist clients in fabrics, furnishings, colors, and special orders.


Diverse industry experience including interior design, television, advertising, working with artists, designers, color specialists, architects, PR professionals, interns, and corporate management.

Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving client concerns, providing custom solutions to specific client objectives, and delivering individualized service to build a loyal client base in a highly competitive marketplace.

About Us

IACC trained Color Consultant/Designer. Associate member of the IACC-NA and Membership Chair of the IACC-NA. Certified Color Strategist through Champ Chroma. 

Color Strategist

Color should not be chosen by aesthetics alone. It needs to serve both psychological and physiological needs. 


Interior Design

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