Expert Color Consulting

Using the IACC’s interdisciplinary approach and my knowledgeable use of spectral data I will develop specific color schemes for your next interior/exterior project or any residential, retail or commercial space.

Home Staging

Is your home on the market? Are you having difficulty knowing how to present your home to potential buyers? My goal is to make your home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers and put more money into your pocket.

Interior / Exterior Design

Utilizing extensive training and expertise in Residential Interior Color and Design, space planning, home staging, construction project management, renovation, and architect/contractor/distributor communications. I specialize in interior/exterior color position, paint color consulting, and architectural color consulting. I have completed numerous residential design projects involving: color coordination, purchasing and budgeting.

Hospitality / Restaurants / Schools / Senior Living

“Human beings receive 80 percent of their information from the environment.”
Frank Mahnke.

Color has both psychological and physiological effects - influencing our perceptions and emotions in subtle ways such as the taste of food, how safe we feel, how productive we are in work or school.  There are specific colors that will encourage healing in hospitals and comfort to the elderly. However, thoughtful color choices go far beyond just the physical reaction to color. To create an optimum environment, we must consider the human psyche while supporting the function and overall well-being of its users.

“When designing with color we must always see it in context, and not apply it though generalities.”
Frank Mahnke

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